Welcome to October! Announcements for the Week of October 1st

We are debuting a new segment, “Joke of the Week”.  Stay tuned to the end of the broadcast for our first joke.  Plus … there is a new club on campus with a very unique focus.  Tune in below …..

The New WJAG Podcast! “Shout It!”

WJAG is trying something new.  We have our first podcast.  In this episode Mariel Pardo, Derek Sands, Nicole Rogers and Jordan Cottrell give the student perspective on changes in security after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.  Visit our Twitter feed to leave your thoughts on this episode and your ideas for new episodes.

Here’s a Music Video from WJAG to Brighten Your Week …

To help us get through this loooooooooong five day week … 🙂 …. here’s a music video to brighten your week.

Announcements for the Last Week of September

We’re trying something new this week … traveling around campus to bring you announcements about events you may be interested in.  If you have something you would like us to announce … be sure to stop by room 167 to let us know about it.

WJAG Welcomes Everyone Back for A Wonderful New Year!

WJAG reporter Jeremy Sousa hit the hallways to find out what’s on student minds at the beginning of this new school year.

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