About the Crew at WJAG

WJAG is the award-winning news channel for Coral Glades High School in Coral Springs, FL.

Since 2004, WJAG has been there to capture all of the special moments of life in Jaguar country!

In the process our student journalists have earned more than 20 first place awards for their reporting.

And our weekly show, THE RECAP has been named one of the best student broadcasts in the state five times!

In addition to the RECAP, we also have our (almost) daily show the WAKE-UP! These are the morning announcements for Coral Glades High, where you can find any and all important info about whats happening on and around campus!

This is not a one-man job, however, and many devoted and determined students work together in order to produce the awesome shows that you see here on the website!


The two young men you see lounging about in this particular photo (although they rarely have time to) are Blaine DeBerry, pictured left, and Gannen Tages, pictured right. Gannen Tages has been with the WJAG for all four years of high school, is the current Vice President of TV Production Club, and has become incredibly experienced with both cameras and with editing programs. He has so much passion for his craft and it shows with every single production that he works on. Gannen is the current director, editor, and frequent anchor for the WAKEUP, and is more than excited to end his high school year with a bang!

Similarly, Blaine DeBerry has been in the Coral Glades TV Production program for all four years of high school, and is the current director and editor of the WJAG RECAP, as well as Co-President of the TV Production Club. With his vast knowledge of not only cameras and editing, but also the intricacies of performing on camera, Blaine brings another integral part to the WJAG Crew that makes it special. In addition to his responsibilities as RECAP Director, he also is on the Coral Glades Drama Troupe 6787, where he performs in many plays and performances.

Another important member of the Crew is the impeccable Keely Belter, the current co-director, editor, and usual anchor of the WJAG WAKEUP. Just like Gannen and Blaine, she has been with the Coral Glades TV Production program for all four years of high school.


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